Key Advantages of Optimized Epayables Platform

  • September 24, 2014

An optimized ePayables solution requires 5 key components:

1. Simplicity. The ability to work across all ERP Systems, all banking partners, and offer all payment types in the same workflow -- with no major changes in your process. Otherwise, it’s just easier to keep writing checks!

2. Flexibility. Absolute payment visibility and control from payment inception to successful completion.

3. Supplier Enablement. Not the once-a-year or once-a-quarter variety but ongoing, efforts to sign up ALL suppliers to accept electronic payments as well as continuous efforts to ensure supplier information and changes are up to date and maintained dynamically in real-time.

4. Payment Optimization. Automatically processing payments in the method that delivers the greatest benefit, including lowest transaction cost and highest card rebate at every point in time a payment is made.

5. Payment Support. Not talked about much, but payment questions from you or your suppliers require immediate resolution from a single knowledgeable source. 

Nvoicepay is the leading provider of simple cloud-based ePayment solutions for the enterprise. Organizations across multiple industries trust Nvoicepay to streamline invoice payments, reduce AP costs, and generate new revenue through integrated AP card rebates. Only Nvoicepay offers a simple, secure cloud-based workflow that works with every accounting system and all banking partners, and best-in-class vendor services to assure success.

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