Resources and tips for using technology to improve the procurement process.

Strategic Treasurer: 2022 Payments Outlook – Hot Topics for Treasury and AP

Payments has been undergoing significant changes with new payment rails, faster payment and settlement and additional challenges to validate and secure payments. This session will provide an outlook on payments for 2022 and will provide an outlook on various hot items.

IOFM: Opening the Door to C-Suite

AP teams everywhere are constantly looking for ways to make manual tasks more efficient. When researching solutions that may help, how do you approach the subject and share the facts with your superiors.

Supercharge Your Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash Cycles

In this free webinar, Jonathan Bein and Rob Kelley present technologies that dramatically shorten the time from procurement to payment while reducing errors, rework, and eliminating unnecessary labor most payment operations require.

Raise Profit Now and Protect Yourself for Future Downturn

Being prepared means digitizing procurement, invoice, and payment operations.

Earn More Early Payment Discounts with AP Automation

Learn how digitizing your procure-to-pay processes can give your company returns in cold hard cash.

The Unconventional Business Strategy that's Working: Early Payment

Many organizations suffer from slow internal processes that lengthen payment cycles. Unfortunately, stretching days payable outstanding to near-delinquent payment terms has a much bigger...

Embracing Bots: 3 Operational Considerations for Procurement

Procurement processes are embracing bots to efficiently automate repetitive, routine tasks. But how can you be certain they'll work the way you need them to? Learn how to address three operational...

Developing Analytics and Tools for Your Procurement Team

Does your procurement team have the tools it needs to be most effective? This list breaks down the needed payment tools for a company's procure to pay process.