White Papers and Guides

Read and download these white papers and guides for reference when considering and evaluating automated payment solutions.

Guide for Evaluating Electronic Payment Solutions

Use this guide and accompanying evaluation checklist to determine the right ePayments solution for your company. Get a list of 6 key points to consider when comparing solution providers.

5 Pillars of Payment Automation in Construction

Learn the 5 major topics that construction business owners should consider before choosing an electronic payment solution.

Best Practices for Implementing a Virtual Card Program

What are the next steps after you convince your executive team to implement a virtual credit card program? Nvoicepay outlines a few important goals to help you get started.

Top 7 Myths About Payment Automation

Are your misconceptions about payment automation keeping you from adopting a cost-saving and streamlined accounts payable workflow?

Evaluating Your International Supplier Payment Cost & Efficiency

Learn about the challenges facing organizations that seek to both reduce the costs of making international payments and process those payments more efficiently.

The Impact of Putting Payables First, with Levvel Research

Levvel Research and Nvoicepay present the benefits from automating payments before other parts of the accounts payable process, including savings that can fund other tech initiatives.

Banks in Distress: Why Partnering with Fintechs Drives Innovation

Find out why partnerships between traditional banks and fintechs are bringing innovative payment solutions to businesses in this eBook by Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede.

Guide to Payables Automation, with Levvel Research

Learn how middle market leaders use automated payment solutions to increase efficiency, cost-savings, and control in this white paper from Levvel Research and Nvoicepay.

2018 Payables Insight Report, with Levvel Research

Discover how modern companies are automating payables, improving working capital, and leveraging electronic payments with this report from Levvel Research and Nvoicepay.

State of Payables: Construction

Examine the current state of payables for construction firms and general contractors, as well as how to address industry-specific AP challenges with best practices.

Epayables for Biotechnology

Find out how strategic automation in accounts payable overcomes common payment challenges in the biotech industry, and creates opportunity for new success.

State of ePayables in Healthcare

Discover how payment automation resolves common pain points in accounts payable for healthcare facilities, and how prioritizing the initiative leads to efficiency, security, and cost savings.

ePayables for Healthcare, with PayStream Advisors

See how the right electronic payment solution helps healthcare facilities develop a more lucrative payment strategy to realize benefits across the organization in this white paper from Levvel Research

How to Boost Accounts Payable Savings

Learn how to make your payment process more cost-effective with the right ePayment solution and payment optimization strategy in this white paper from Nvoicepay.