Case Study: Donley's

Donley's cut its check-related costs by 33% and sees a direct bottom-line benefit of $250,000 annually.

Case Study: City of Easton

The City of Easton, PA decreased paper use in AP by 90% and saves 11 hours/week using Nvoiecpay.

Case Study: Haviland Enterprises

Haviland saves 52 AP hours every month and earned $44,000 in rebates within their first year using Nvoicepay.

Evaluating Electronic Payment Solutions

Use this checklist to identify the ePayment solution that meets your AP requirements.

Guide for Evaluating Electronic Payment Solutions

Use this guide and accompanying evaluation checklist to determine the right ePayments solution for your company. Get a list of 6 key points to consider when comparing solution providers.

Case Study: WaFd Bank

WaFd, a Forbes Top 20 bank, streamlined payments across its 230 locations and reclaimed 30 hours every week in AP with Nvoicepay.

Payment Solution Comparison

Download this checklist to help you determine which AP automation solution is the right fit for your company.

Customer Story: CURO Financial Technologies Corp

Discover how CURO (dba Speedy Cash/Rapid Cash) streamlines payments across 400 locations and 8 brands using Nvoicepay.

Case Study: Flowco Production Solutions

Find out how Flowco saves 20 hours every week in AP since automating vendor payments with Nvoicepay.

Customer Story: Garber Automotive Group

Find out how Garber Automotive Group used Nvoicepay’s integration with CDK to boost overall AP efficiency, save over 2,000 staff hours and earn over $100,000 in card rebates.

5 Pillars of Payment Automation in Construction

Learn the 5 major topics that construction business owners should consider before choosing an electronic payment solution.

Best Practices for Implementing a Virtual Card Program

What are the next steps after you convince your executive team to implement a virtual credit card program? Nvoicepay outlines a few important goals to help you get started.

Customer Story: Slurry Pavers

Slurry Pavers controller Wilson Malone details how Nvoicepay enabled his AP team to switch to 100% electronic payments and save nearly 600 AP hours annually.

Customer Story: MGM Resorts International

Read the success story for MGM Resorts, a leading global hotel management company that was able to tackle a 30% growth in AP workload withing hiring additional FTEs, by automating payments.

Customer Story: Ed Morse Automotive Group

Learn how Ed Morse Automotive Group saves more than 480 hours annually in AP by automating the payments process via Nvoicepay.

Customer Story: Midwest Transit Equipment

Hear from MTE's assistant controller Chris Curtis how he leveraged Nvoicepay's partnership with Procede to automate vendor payments and save 355 hours in AP.

Customer Story: Hill & Wilkinson

Read about how general contractors Hill & Wilkinson used Nvoicepay automated payments to mitigate fraud risk, boost vendor card acceptance, reduce staff time, and save on check costs.

Customer Story: Park Place Dealerships

Park Place Dealership's Corporate Assistant Controller Anna Smith narrates the success her company has seen since adopting Nvoicepay's payment automation solution.

Case Study: Appalachian Regional Healthcare

Learn how Appalachian Regional Healthcare System eliminated time spent calling credit card numbers by automating their supplier and contractor payment process with Nvoicepay.

Viewpoint ePayments Top 7 Myths About Payment Automation

Are your misconceptions about payment automation keeping you from adopting a cost-saving and streamlined accounts payable workflow?

Top 7 Myths About Payment Automation

Are your misconceptions about payment automation keeping you from adopting a cost-saving and streamlined accounts payable workflow?

Evaluating Your International Supplier Payment Cost & Efficiency

Learn about the challenges facing organizations that seek to both reduce the costs of making international payments and process those payments more efficiently.

Customer Success: Granger Construction

See how Granger Construction achieved 71% electronic payments and immediate ROI with Viewpoint ePayments powered by Nvoicepay in this one-page customer success story.

Customer Success: Swinerton

Read a snapshot of Swinerton's success with Nvoicepay--from payment data management to a 100% electronic process and $1M in annual rebates.

Customer Success: Alegis Construction

Read the story of Alegis Construction to discover how their AP team saves 260 hours annually since implementing Nvoicepay and Viewpoint's joint solution for their supplier payments.

Customer Success: University Mechanical Contractors

Learn how University Mechanical Contractors sustained a 25% growth in business without adding headcount by paying vendors with Nvoicepay and Viewpoint's joint solution: Viewpoint Epayments.

The Impact of Putting Payables First, with Levvel Research

Levvel Research and Nvoicepay present the benefits from automating payments before other parts of the accounts payable process, including savings that can fund other tech initiatives.

5 Common Challenges in the AP Process

How many of these common accounts payable challenges ring true for you? Learn how the right technology can alleviate them all.

9 Best Practices in Supplier Management

Make sure your supplier master file is up to par using this list of nine best practices.

Levvel Research 2018 Payables Insight Report Analysis

Skip the report and get key takeaways from Levvel Research and Nvoicepay. See how you compare to industry leaders when it comes to the vendor payment process.

Case Study: Treadmaxx Tire Distributors

See how Treadmaxx Tire Distributors used Nvoicepay's payment solution to eliminate costly, inefficient paper check payments.

Banks in Distress: Why Partnering with Fintechs Drives Innovation

Find out why partnerships between traditional banks and fintechs are bringing innovative payment solutions to businesses in this eBook by Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede.

CFO 2.0: How the Finance Function is Changing

CEOs have always worn many hats - but not so many as in today's businesses.

The Cost of Paper Check Payments

How much does your company spend on check payments? Calculate the cost for your company and compare it to electronic payment options.

Will Automation Improve My Payments

How and why is AP automation right for your company? Let's break it down.

Is Your AP Software Provider Meeting Your Needs

Take this self-assessment quiz to determine whether your AP provider is meeting your company's needs.

Vendor Management: What Your Solution Must Have

Use this 2-page white paper to determine the right third-party vendor management solution for your company.

CFO 2.0: Going Beyond the Finance Function

Get a brief overview of how the CFO's role is expanding with new technology, and how you can adapt to tackle new challenges ahead of the curve.

6 Hidden Ways Paper Checks Hurt Your Business

Learn how check payments are likely hurting your business and how to reverse the damage with electronic payments.

Where to Automate Your P2P Process First

Determine where in your P2P process (receive, process, or pay) to automate first for the greatest positive impact.

4 Benefits of Adding Epayments to Your Workflow

Get the facts about where most P2P solutions fall short, and how adding an ePayment solution can unlock even more value in accounts payable.

The Unconventional Business Strategy That's Working

What's the better business strategy: float or early payments? Use this white paper to help you decide which yields more benefits for your company.

5 Reasons AP is the Next Strategic Asset

See how the AP department fits neatly into the goals of Treasury, from risk management to improving cash flow and more.

Can Treasurers Find the Right Mix of Payment Types

Optimize your payment strategy to reduce AP costs, improve cash flow, and mitigate the risk of fraud.

6 Things AP Should Care About More than Float

Use this brief white paper to shift your AP priorities away from check float for the greatest positive impact.

Everything You Know About Electronic Payments is Wrong

Have you fallen victim to incorrect information about electronic payments? Get the facts in this white paper.

Your Suppliers Want Epayments

Determine if it makes more sense for your company to enroll vendors for electronic payment methods in-house, or outsource vendor management to a third-party that specializes in payment automation.

Why You Need a Payments Strategy

Get the facts about creating a holistic payment strategy in accounts payable, and why that doesn't center on removing check payments.

How to Measure the True Cost of Paper Checks

Find out how much paying by check is costing your company, and not only in dollars.

Guide to Payables Automation, with Levvel Research

Learn how middle market leaders use automated payment solutions to increase efficiency, cost-savings, and control in this white paper from Levvel Research and Nvoicepay.

2018 Payables Insight Report, with Levvel Research

Discover how modern companies are automating payables, improving working capital, and leveraging electronic payments with this report from Levvel Research and Nvoicepay.

Solution Providers Comparison Sheet

Use this checklist to compare payment solutions and ensure you choose the right automation provider.

Case Study: Swinerton

Swinerton enjoys better vendor relationships, a more efficient payment process, and significant cost-savings with Nvoicepay's automated solution.

State of Payables: Construction

Examine the current state of payables for construction firms and general contractors, as well as how to address industry-specific AP challenges with best practices.

Epayables for Biotechnology

Find out how strategic automation in accounts payable overcomes common payment challenges in the biotech industry, and creates opportunity for new success.

Case Study: Downingtown Area School District

Learn how Nvoicepay helped DASD's AP team streamline their processes and both paper usage and vendor support issues, not to mention put more dollars toward educational programs.

Case Study: CDK Global

Since debuting our joint solution with CDK Global, AP Assist, automotive customers using CDK Drive have realized significant cost savings opportunities through electronic payments.

Nvoicepay International Market Coverage

Send payments to overseas suppliers via iACH or iWire with Nvoicepay.

State of ePayables in Healthcare

Discover how payment automation resolves common pain points in accounts payable for healthcare facilities, and how prioritizing the initiative leads to efficiency, security, and cost savings.

Case Study: Coupa Software

See how Coupa Software uses Nvoicepay's automated solution to streamline supplier payments and eliminate cumbersome, time-consuming manual tasks in AP.

Case Study: TEC Equipment

Hear from our customer, TEC Equipment, how the AP team went from carting boxes of checks and supporting doumentation between locations, to approving and sending electronically with Nvoicepay.

Case Study: New Orleans College Prep

Learn how New Orleans College Prep automated the P2P process with Nvoicepay and Coupa to generate significant cost savings that allowed them to invest even more in students.

Case Study: Arkansas Federal Credit Union

Learn how AFCU reduced the number of weekly paper checks from hundreds to only 1-2, saving over $7,100 in processing costs.

Case Study: ACG Texas Restaurants

Read the case study with ACG Texas Restaurants, the country's largest IHOP operator, to learn why even their banker admitted Nvoicepay was the right choice for supplier payments.

Case Study: VCC

See how Nvoicepay's payment solution eased the burden of manual check payments for VCC, resulting in 85 percent of vendors being paid by ACH or card, and improved subcontractor relationships.

Case Study: Kuni Automotive

Read Kuni Automotive's story to learn how the AP team went from a storage unit full of checks and invoices to spending just one hour per week on vendor payments.

Case Study: MMS Group

Learn how MMS Group streamlined its payment processes across multiple accounting offices and locations while maintaining control and visibility into supplier payments.

Case Study: All Star Automotive

Read how All Star Automotive Group turned away from their manual check-writing processes and adopted payment automation.

Case Study: Peterson Auto Group

See how Peterson Auto Group realized a time savings of 91 percent on signing checks by implementing Nvoicepay's payment solution.

ePayables for Healthcare, with PayStream Advisors

See how the right electronic payment solution helps healthcare facilities develop a more lucrative payment strategy to realize benefits across the organization in this white paper from Levvel Research

How to Boost Accounts Payable Savings

Learn how to make your payment process more cost-effective with the right ePayment solution and payment optimization strategy in this white paper from Nvoicepay.