Weekly Ledger 4: Top Stories in Accounting and Finance

Weekly Ledger 4: Top Stories in Accounting and Finance

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Lessons Pokemon Go Can Teach the Banking Industry – The Financial Brand

Jim Marous(@JimMarous)— What can banks learn from Pokémon go? Jim Marous , of The Financial Brand, explains the technologies that went into making this smash hit and how banks can use it. From augmented reality to gamification theory, Marous provides a glimpse into what banking may look like in the next 10 years. Will home buyers soon wear headsets that overlay listings alongside financing options? Here's how fintech can catch 'em all.


TED Talks that Will Inspire CPAs – Journal of Accountancy

Cheryl Meyer (@AICPA_JofA)—The next time you need inspiration, or an “intellectual distraction," as Scott Smith, a CPA in Rexburg, Idaho, puts it, click over to TED.com. Cheryl Meyer of Journal of Accountancy, provides 5 great videos to inspire CPAs into action. Learn how one video inspired Brotemarkle Davis and Co. LLP, a CPA firm in Napa Valley, to transform its practice after watching Simon Sinek's video "How Great Leaders Inspire Action." Their results? “We have created a visible brand in our area," said Geni Whitehouse.


How to Source-to-Settle Solutions Manage (and Leverage) Big Data—eSourcing -CFO Rising

Andrew Bartolini (@andrewbartolini) and Matthew York (@MattYork_Ardent)—In this installment of "How Source-to-Settle Solutions Manage (and leverage) Big Data – eSourcing," Andrew Bartolini and Matthew York of CPO Rising illustrate how procurement can harness Big Data to extract valuable insights. It turns out the future of eSourcing is in analyzing past events based on RFIs, RFPs, RFQs. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana.


Why Bookkeepers Should Embrace Technology to Enhance Their Career - AccountingWeb

Kathy Gans (@staffingsavvy), of Accounting Principals, explains 4 reasons why bookkeepers need to embrace new technology. Learn why it's not only about moving spreadsheets into the cloud but using technology to unlock insights and analytics. Up-and-coming bookkeepers are already using these tools to advance their careers. Will older bookkeepers be a chapter behind? The takeaway: Bookkeepers need to start analyzing and interpreting the numbers to provide insights and recommendations.


Cross-Border Payments: What Do Treasurers Really Want? Association for Financial Professionals

Andrew Deichler (@AndrewDeichler)—Speed isn't the name of the game when it comes to cross-border payments because it's not what treasurers care about. Andrew Deichler , of AFP online, summarizes the Money 20/20 Europe panel session where industry professionals from the likes of HSBC, SWIFT, and Deutsche Bank AG, discuss what matters most to corporate treasurers. It turns out it's all about payment tracking and ease of payment reconciliation. Marwan Forzley (@forzley), CEO at Align Commerce says, "You can track your shipment on FedEx. You can track your pizza. But you can't track your payment."

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