This is a New Dawn for Deltek and Nvoicepay

This is a New Dawn for Deltek and Nvoicepay

Last November, Nvoicepay had the pleasure of joining 3,000 attendees at Deltek Insight in Orlando.

Deltek provides software and ERP systems for project-based businesses, marketing agencies, and professional services firms to more than 30,000 customers in 80 countries. In early 2019, Nvoicepay and Deltek partnered in the payment space, enabling customers to benefit from streamlined payment automation. Deltek Insight, their annual user conference, was our first opportunity to meet their customers face-to-face.

New kid on the block

Since this was our debut as Deltek’s only payments partner, we were something of a curiosity. Deltek users are a highly engaged, inquisitive group, yet very few knew that payments automation for the enterprise was possible.

During our presentation, "How to Eliminate Paper Checks and Reduce Costs,” the Nvoicepay team brought payments automation awareness to the table. We presented the benefits of having a comprehensive solution, especially one that includes built-in support like supplier enablement and payment liability.

Enterprise customer requirements are sophisticated, and, as we learned at Insight, especially complex in project-based businesses where the conditions change from project to project. Additionally, many Deltek users are either government agencies or do business with the government. They chose Deltek in order to efficiently perform audit requirements and stay in compliance with GAAP, OFAC, EEOC, and other government regulations.

A familiar problem with a lasting solution

Despite the additional challenges of government regulations, we discovered that Deltek customers experience the same payment-based challenges shared by businesses of every size and industry. These include:

  • Heavy reliance on manual paper check processes;
  • Fragmented efforts to support ACH payments; and
  • Severely under-leveraged card programs.

One of our favorite parts of each conference is meeting with folks at our booth and walking them through our payment automation solution. We hear stories of companies who have adapted to handle costly manual processes—including one firm which leaves blank checks on the job site in order to pay certain suppliers quickly. The checks are often written to the tune of a million dollars or more. That is “so not GAAP,” the storyteller, a CPA, remarked.

Looking ahead with optimism

Of course, with thousands of people in attendance, we could only speak to a handful of Deltek customers. Even so, we returned to Oregon feeling encouraged; we can undoubtedly bring value to customers by automating their entire payments process and increasing their security and compliance.

Deltek Insight 2019 was a decided success, and we are already looking forward to returning in 2020 as a trusted part of the Deltek process.

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