Lauren Ruef

Lauren Ruef

Lauren has 10 years of professional writing and editing experience, from memoirs to financial blogs and web copy. She has collaborated with Nvoicepay to write about the financial technology industry since 2016.

Does a Common Psychological Theory Speak to Businesses as Well?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, a common psychological theory, describes basic needs that must be met before an individual is able to achieve self-actualization. It's possible a similar theory can be applied to business. But should automation be considered an end goal, or a basic necessity?

Is Automation Improving the Employee Experience?

Is it possible for automation to go too far—to render employees obsolete?

What is the New Normal for Businesses and AP?

Post-pandemic businesses have adapted by interfacing with technology to get the same tasks done with less redundancy and bulk. Daily operations have stripped down to bare essentials, some bearing costs to the customer, but many renewed in their devotion to make a more human connection with those they serve.

Behind the Curtain: Automating Payments in the Healthcare Industry

COVID-19 overhauled the U.S. healthcare system overnight. Systems we paid little mind to before, whether they are life-saving medical supply manufacturers, critical hospital budgets, or ICU capacity limits, now garner universal attention. Another area of the healthcare industry is stepping into the forefront--back-office procedures. Here's how healthcare facilities can resolve their financial strain.

Manufacturing's Highest Value Aligns with Automation

Manufacturing businesses across the country are overwhelmingly stuck with manual payments process that cost more time and money than necessary. 

Your Enemy is Not Uncertainty, but Complexity

Here are 5 strategies that nurture your company's resilience in times of uncertainty.

Suppliers Want You to Ask this Question

There's a question so universal, almost every AP professional has been asked this on a regular basis. If you can anticipate this common supplier request, it will enrich and strengthen your...

Ledger 71: Top Stories in Accounting and Finance

The Ledger 71 — Trending news & stories in accounting, finance, and fintech for the week of July 23, 2018. Delivered to you in an executive summary format.

CFO 2.0: Going Beyond the Finance Function

Much like business adopt new tools and technologies to stay relevant, so too must the CFO adopt new skills in order to stay afloat. It’s become ever-imperative that today's CFO openly embrace...

The Unconventional Business Strategy that's Working: Early Payment

Many organizations suffer from slow internal processes that lengthen payment cycles. Unfortunately, stretching days payable outstanding to near-delinquent payment terms has a much bigger...

Why the Fintech Bubble Hasn't Burst

Financial services has long favored tradition. Banks have gone unchallenged for over a century in the marketplace. But with generational shifts—Gen X to Millennials to Generation Z—a new digital...

Will Fintechs Gain Equal Footing with Banks in 2018?

Big changes are likely on the way for fintechs. Regulators will soon address what constitutes a bank and a non-bank, the classification of which is complicated by partnerships between the two....