Chris Doxey

Chris Doxey

Chris Doxey, CAPP, CCSA, CICA is an independent management consultant providing Internal Controls and Business Process Best Practice Solutions. She has extensive experience in procurement, accounts payable, internal auditing, internal controls, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, payroll, logistics, financial systems strategy, and financial integration at Digital, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, MCI, APEX Analytix, and Business Strategy, Inc. She was recruited to assist MCI (formally WorldCom) recover from their internal control challenges. She has a bachelor's degree in English, a bachelor's in accounting, a master's in business administration, and a graduate certificate in project management. Chris has written numerous articles and published two handbooks: AP Leadership Skills and Implementing a Controls Self Assessment Program for Your Accounts Payable Department.

Internal Controls Checklist: P-Card Usage & Invoice Processing

P-card and invoice fraud happens. It's inevitable in any department that handles large sums of money. But you can limit your risk with these internal controls.

What's Your Leadership Style?

Leadership is more nuanced than simply 'lead by example.' These are the 4 distinct leadership styles: Authoritative, Participative, Delegative, and Transformational. Which rings true most often...

Tips for Managing Employees During Change

Change is inevitable. Whether it's a merger, restructuring, or just implementing new technology, ongoing communication is key to lessen the pain of ambiguity.

Building a Top Gun Finance Team

Actions speak louder than words—as a leader, your actions are under a microscope. Learn to lead by example and you'll effortlessly build a strong finance team.

New Directions in Team Building

Getting your AP department behind a common and singular goal is the first step to transforming your group to a team.

Taking Control of Your Supplier Master File

Keeping fraud out of the AP department includes proper supplier management. These are the steps you can start using for fraud prevention in the MVF.

9 Best Practices for Your Supplier Master File

We provide 9 best practices for setting up new vendors in the master file that ensure internal controls and compliance with tax and regulatory requirements.

Supplier Master Coding Standards

Avoid duplicate & missed payments with uniformity in your supplier master file. Use this list of standards to follow when managing supplier names & addresses.

Your Supplier Onboarding Roadmap

Supplier portals are a means to submit, track, and expedite payments. Learn how a supplier onboarding platform creates visibility for all involved parties.

Acquiring the Right AP Talent

Much like it’s better to keep a client than to sign a new one, so too is it better to retain talent than it is to hire new talent—especially in AP.

Motivating the New AP Professional

Managing AP professionals can be daunting made easier by following the advice of Frederick Herzberg and applying his Motivator-Hygiene Theory to AP.

The Transition of AP from Processor to Analyst

AP's transition from passive processor to active analyst greatly transformed the payables professional's role in the AP process. Here's how it all happened.