Brent Meyers

Brent Meyers

Brent is the Vice President of Viewpoint Partnership Sales in the East Region at Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company. His experience in construction technology spans 15 years, and includes positions held with companies like American Express and Commerce Bank, as well as Enterprise Rent-A-Car on the AP side. He delivers our scalable payment solution, Viewpoint ePayments powered by Nvoicepay, to customers of Viewpoint CS. Brent is a frequent speaker and author on many aspects of the AP world, and is also a member of several committees for the CFMA (Construction Financial Management Association).

Our Viewpoint: A Powerful Solution for the Construction Industry

COVID-19 has thrown construction industry back offices for a loop. Trying to get employees equipped to work securely from home; figuring out how to make manual processes work when everyone's working outside the office; applying for and administering PPE loans to keep paying salaries for unionized workers—all of these are prominent topics of conversation.

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