Alyssa Callahan

Alyssa Callahan

Alyssa is the Content Strategist at Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company. She has six years of experience in the B2B payment industry.

Here are 5 Ways Hospitality Benefits from Payment Automation

Businesses in the hospitality industry are specialists in customer service--so it's important to set up your business for success. Automating your payments enables you to answer back-office calls for efficiency and time-saving processes without sacrificing front-office needs. Here are five ways that payment automation providers can support your business.

How to Update Your Manufacturing Back Office

The manufacturing industry, who is well-known for driving change and growth, is struggling to digitize its back-office processes. Here are some tips on how to begin that transition without sacrificing time or momentum.

This is How Rooted Checks are in Our History

You've likely heard the argument that checks are outdated, but have you ever wondered exactly how old they really are?

How to Create an Enduring Workflow for AR

As banks start embracing electronic payment solutions, their customer's suppliers face extensive manual work to accommodate. Fintechs are stepping up to create a holistic solution that eases the burden on all sides.

A Bite-sized Analysis of the Payment Security Microcosm

The 2010s were all about disruption—the 2020s promise to zero in on payment security.

6 Security Measures that Protect Your Business

In the market for an electronic payment solution provider? Here are a few security items to keep in mind when making your decision.

The Surprisingly Long Life of Wire Technology

Did you know that wire payments originated in the Victorian Era? Here's how a series of progressive inventions over the last 175 years influenced the way we operate modern transactions.

This is How to Combat AP's Time-Wasting Tasks

Reduce AP's time-wasting manual tasks to take advantage of higher-value initiatives.

Humanity is the First Line of Defense in Technology

Technology is not intended to replace humans, but to enhance our abilities - and vice-versa.

How to Navigate Hidden International Payment Processes

Learn why each country has different payment requirements, and what that means for your AP team.

Connecting the World: The Importance of Intermediary Banks

What role do intermediary banks play in the international payment scope? The answer may surprise you.

How to Find Your Way in the World of International Payments

Delve into the nuances of the international payment lexicon.