Digiscribe and Nvoicepay Announce a New Partnership

Digiscribe and Nvoicepay announce their new partnership, which offers a holistic B2B payment solution to joint customers.

20 NetSuite Plugins to Save Time and Grow Your Revenue

Nvoicepay is delighted to be included in the list of efficient and cost-saving plugins for NetSuite users by NetSuite's recruitment company, Anderson Frank.

Nvoicepay Tackles Auto Dealership AP Automation

PYMTS.com delves into the recently-announced partnership between Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company, and Procede Software.

Payments Fraud Seen as Catalyst for AP Automation

PaymentsSource interviews CEO Karla Friede about the rise in accounts payable fraud, and discusses how digitization and payment automation combat those security risks. 

Rise in Check Fraud Could Motivate Treasurers to Switch to Other Payment Tools

The Wall Street Journal quotes Karla Friede in its article on check fraud and the differences in cost and risk with other payment methods.

5 Online Services that Can Streamline Operations for Casual Retailers

Casual Living highlights Nvoicepay as a one-stop shop for business payments automation.

Accounting Leaders Reveal Industry Challenges of 2019

Karla Friede, CEO of Nvoicepay, shares challenge #10 for accounting professionals--manual payment processes--and how automation solves the problem.

Big Payment Deals Are Just Getting Started

PaymentsSource references Nvoicepay's acquisition by FLEETCOR to examine the upward trend of financial services companies in 2019 and beyond.

AP Innovations Begin Targeting Supplier Acceptance

Explore third-party coverage and insights on the recently announced integration between Nvoicepay and Vroozi: Vroozi Pay.

FLEETCOR Sees Q2 Revenue Surge, Eyes More Acquisitions

FLEETCOR, the parent company of Nvoicepay, reports an 11 percent increase in YOY revenue for Q2, and alludes to more acquistions on the horizon.

Financial Firm Nvoicepay Part of $255M Acquisition

Read updated news about FLEETCOR's acquisition of Nvoicepay, including speculation about how much Nvoicepay sold for.

Female CEOs Proliferate in Oregon Tech, though Industry Remains Overwhelmingly Male

Karla Friede shares her experience as one of only eight female tech CEOs in the Silicon Forest in this article from OregonLive.

How Beaverton Fintech Firm's Sale Has it Positioned for Market Dominance

Portland Business Journal speaks with Karla Friede about Nvoicepay's growth potential after its acquisition by FLEETCOR.

What it Takes to Be an Employee Magnet

CEO Karla Friede is recognized by American Banker for her contributions to making Nvoicepay one of the Best Fintechs to Work For in 2019.

FLEETCOR Beefs Up Business Payments with Nvoicepay Deal

Extensive news coverage of the Nvoicepay acquisition by FLEETCOR.

The CEO of Nvoicepay Talks About the Future of Accounts Payable Technology

Benzinga discusses technology in finance--particularly for accounts payable--and the future these changes could create. Nvoicepay CEO and founder, Karla Friede, weighs in.

E-invoice Capabilities are a Catalyst for an Organizational Move

Mercator Advisory Group features Nvoicepay and Symbeo's new joint solution Invoice-to-Pay as a catalyst for realizing deeper financial benefits of digitizing accounting processes.

Targeting the Complicated Companies that Fintechs Overlook

PaymentsSource features Nvoicepay and Symbeo's joint solution Invoice-to-Pay for streamlining and digitizing the accounts payable process from invoice management all the way through to supplier...

Nvoicepay Partners with Symbeo for Enterprise Payables

Nvoicepay and Symbeo (formerly ScanOne) introduce a holistic 'Invoice-to-Pay' solution for enterprise accounts payable teams.

Nvoicepay Builds Payment Technology for Accounting Systems

CEO Karla Friede talks strategy: 'One of the reasons we serve the enterprise so well is the system is so flexible, and it provides what accounting people want: control and visibility over payments.'

With GDPR, Compliance Creates Opportunity for U.S. Vendors

Karla Friede discusses why GDPR compliance is an opportunity for Nvoicepay and its customers, even though the regulation only governs European data.

Mastercard Makes Nvoicepay B2B Payments Partnership Official

Nvoicepay announced a deeper strategic partnership with Mastercard. The two payments leaders will transform enterprise accounts payable departments through the use of Mastercard In Control™ for...

Nvoicepay and Inspyrus Partner to Automate Payables

Nvoicepay and Inspyrus receive media attention for their joint AP solution, which allows customers to automate the accounts payable process from end-to-end.

Why Businesses Still Write So Many Paper Checks

Karla Friede discusses the differences between banks and fintechs with MarketWatch. Learn where banks fall short, and how electronic payments can be made easy with the right data and services.

Essential Tech Tools for the Modern Builder

Building Savvy Magazine featured Nvoicepay as an essential technology after its partnership with Viewpoint Construction Software was announced late last year.

Fast-growing Beaverton Company Enlists Portland Vet as CFO

Following a press release announcing the appointment of John Ewert as Nvoicepay CFO, Portland Business Journal interviewed Karla Friede about the opportunity.

Building the Next Billion-Dollar Software Company

Coupa Software CEO Rob Bernshteyn discusses Coupa's success, including how integrations and partnerships like that with Nvoicepay have contributed.

Construction Industry Continues Efficiency Gains to Reduce Risk and Improve Profitability

Henry Ferguson, Director of Strategic Partners at Viewpoint CS, explains why customers will benefit from the new partnership with Nvoicepay, payments provider.

To Build Faster Payments for Construction, Nvoicepay Teams with Viewpoint

Manolis Kotzabasakis of Viewpoint and Karla Friede of Nvoicepay discuss the technology companies' partnership, and how Viewpoint's ERP plus Nvoicepay's payment solution helps buyers and suppliers.

The United States of Fintech

Nvoicepay earned placement on the map of most well-funded fintechs in the United States, taking top position in Oregon.

This VC firm is raising a $20M fund to invest in diverse founding teams

Nvoicepay's female-led founding team earned funding early on from the Women's Venture Capital Fund. Learn why the Women's VC Fund continues to seek diversity.

Why Spend Management Requires an Open Approach

Rob Bernshteyn, CEO of Coupa Software, explains how Coupa's committment to openness with investors, customers, and partners stems from his childhood in Russia.

Coupa Blurs Functional Boundaries in Enterprise Procurement

Take an deeper look at Coupa's expansion in the P2P process, including automated payments directly within Coupa's platform: Coupa Payments powered by Nvoicepay.

Procure-to-Pay Becomes a Target for B-to-B Automation

Discover how the latest automation offering from Nvoicepay and Coupa streamlines the entire procure-to-pay process for accounts payable.

The Week in Fintech: Payments Startups Tackle Business Invoicing

Glean insights from Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede on the opportunity for businesses to fully automate P2P using the latest offering from Coupa and Nvoicepay.

Coupa Software Teams Up with Nvoicepay to Make B2B Payments 100% Electronic

Automate your entire P2P process. Benzinga reports on the latest announcement from Coupa Software and Nvoicepay: Coupa Payments powered by Nvoicepay.

The Payments Journey: From Point of Sale to Points of Commerce – Part 1

Karla Friede, ePayments expert and CEO of Nvoicepay, contributes expertise to this article from The Green Sheet about benefits of using tech in B2B payments.

B-to-B's Devotion to Checks Keeps Tech on Hold

Karla Friede, CEO of Nvoicepay, discusses with PaymentsSource how an attachment to the status quo of payments (checks) keeps businesses from benefits of tech.

Will Real-time Payments Become Real in 2017?

Nvoicepay's CEO is featured in this article about banks vs. technology. She explains why banks will continue to struggle in recruiting new customers as payment technologies like Venmo become more...

Executives of the Year 2016: Karla Friede, Nvoicepay

Karla Friede included in Portland Business Journal's Executives of the Year 2016.

Women Business Owners Explain Special Set of Challenges

Karla Friede, CEO of Nvoicepay, was asked to contribute to the Crain's Austin article discussing the special challenges that female business owners face.

Why Aren't More Women in Venture Capital?

Karla Friede, CEO of Nvoicepay, speaks with Talent Economy about why women are underrepresented in venture capital investments.

Women in Banking: VC Funding, Imposter Syndrome and Other Battles

American Banker discusses challenges facing women in the banking and financial sector, including personal experience from Karla Friede in VC funding.

Beaverton Digital Payments Firm Lands $10M Investment

Portland Business Journal includes Nvoicepay's $10M venture captial funding from Napier Park in a series of articles.

Fintech in Portland: Where Dollars and Tech Collide

The Portland Business Journal discusses the uptick in technology businesses finding success in Portland, Oregon. Angel investor and CEO of Vesta, Doug Fieldhouse, discusses his investment.

At Dealership Group, It Pays to Pay Bills

Kuni Automotive discusses how its accounting department went from signing 90,000 checks per year to making electronic payments with Nvoicepay and CDK Global.

CPO Rising 2015 Hot Tech Prospects – Nvoicepay

Nvoicepay is named a CPO Rising Hot Tech Prospect of 2015 by Ardent Partners and featured on CPO Rising's website.

Will We Ever See a Faster Payment System in the U.S.?

Karla Friede, CEO of Nvoicepay, contributed insight on payment technology and how fintechs like Nvoicepay can do b2b payments better than the current offerings.

14 Super Cool Examples Of Companies Using Custom Software

Nvoicepay is featured in a BuzzFeed article discussing the rise and success of custom business software.

A Diversified Portfolio

Nvoicepay is featured as one of the first companies to receive funding from the Women's Venture Capital Fund.

Nvoicepay, Putting the Pay in P2P (and Why Banks Don't)

David Gustin explains how Nvoicepay's AP payment solution differs from bank solutions, and why that differentiation lends a competitive edge to Nvoicepay.

The Business of: ePayments

Nvoicepay is recognized for its transformation of Downington Area School District's payment process.

The Business Network Landscape: Payments (Part 3)

Nvoicepay is featured in CPO Rising as a B2B payment innovator.

Nuss Truck Puts Payments in the Fast Lane

Nuss Truck's CFO discusses the company's success sending electronic vendor payments using Nvoicepay's automated solution.

Nvoicepay Taps the Cloud to Fill Holes in Business Payments

As business' accounts payable processes become more complex, Nvoicepay is poised to expand its business payment technology into an array of new industries.

CIOs: At What Stage is Your Thinking on Cloud Economics

Nvoicepay is featured in an article and SlideShare by Forrester Research regarding the leveraging of could economics tools for success.

Which Applications Should I Move to the Cloud?

Forrester Research cites Nvoicepay as an example of a company that successfully created a cloud-based solution to solve business tech problems.

4 Companies Getting Real Results from Cloud Computing

Despite early skepticism, companies like Nvoicepay are creating great success using cloud computing.