CFOs Navigate Season of B2B Payments Change spoke with Nvoicepay president, Josh Cyphers, regarding the recent shifts in the B2B payment automation sphere.

Work from Home Digital Payment Systems, Processes and Solutions

Josh Cyphers, CEO of Nvoicepay, a FLEETCOR company, spoke with Adam and Naresh of the Work From Home Show. Among other things, they discussed digital payments processing in a work-from-home environment.

The Future of Payments

Nvoicepay CEO Josh Cyphers spoke with Future of Sourcing Digital regarding the process upgrades implemented by accounts payable teams across the world, both from a general payment evolution perspective and as the result of COVID-19 restrictions.

Disrupting the Payments Industry

SCORE's CEO, Rieva Lesonsky, sat down with Nvoicepay president, Josh Cyphers, to discuss the trends and innovations that are changing the B2B payment landscape in the wake of COVID-19.

What's on the Horizon for B2B Payments?

Advertising Weekly spoke with Nvoicepay's president, Josh Cyphers, about the impact of COVID-19 on the world of payment automation, and the trends that Josh predicts will occur as a result of this shift toward automated payment processes.

Nvoicepay's payment solution enables AP teams to pay all supplier invoices

Nvoicepay president Josh Cyphers spoke with IT Chronicles Media regarding Nvoicepay's dedication to simplifying and automating the B2B payment workflow for our buyers and suppliers.

Electronic B2B Payments are Growing Business Trend

Nvoicepay's president, Josh Cyphers, spoke with Noln about the changes that the automotive industry experienced in the wake of mandatory work-from-home initiatives. He outlines some best practices for adopting electronic processes into back-office workflows.

FinTech Solutions Save Companies Time and Money

Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede sat down with Mission Critical to discuss how fintechs are improving back-office processes in the wake of recent remote work initiatives. She advises on how payment automation adoption can positively influence the future of professional workspaces, both in-office and remote.

How Remote Work, New Economic Reality Drove Customers to Beaverton Payments Company

Nvoicepay--which got its start during the last recession--is returning to its roots amid the recent economic hardships. CEO and President Karla Friede discusses how Nvoicepay's humble beginnings prepared the company to efficiently respond to the current economic downturn by focusing on the fundamental values that prompted its inception: cost reduction and automation.

How Payment Automation Could Cut Vendor-Supplier Financial Friction

Derek Halpern, Novicepay's SVP of Sales, spoke with Footwear News about the changes the B2B landscape has experienced since the beginning of the work-from-home initiative.

The Call to Go Paperless

Nvoicepay's VP of Automotive Sales Pam Cichoke sat down with Ratchet+Wrench to discuss how the adoption of paperless AP processes changes the game for the automotive industry.

Ways Tech Can Help Construction Professionals

Nvoicepay's VP of Construction Sales, Jason Krankota, discusses the construction industry's slow adoption of back-office technology with Hotel Business Magazine.

Worry Less About Going Paper-Less

ADAPT Automotive weighs in on the transition from traditional, paper-bound processes by automotive dealerships.

Digital Trends Live: Episode 276

Greg Nibler and Karla Friede discuss how Nvoicepay's cloud-based solution automates invoice payments for businesses.

Meet the Female Leaders of Finance

Tyler Gallagher of Thrive Global interviews Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede for his series on female leaders in the finance industry.

Q&A: Nvoicepay CEO and Co-founder Karla Friede

Karla Friede shares her perspective on being acquired, innovations in B2B payments, consumer banking, and more in this installment of the EKMH Innovators Interview Series.

Ardent Partners' ePayables Influencer Series: Matthew Wright, President of Symbeo

Matthew Wright, president of Symbeo, discusses the accounts payable market and opportunities for the future. Wright mentions Nvoicepay's payment solution and our unique approach to vendor...

CPA Conversations: Changing Business-to-Business Payments

This episode of CPA Conversations interviews our CEO Karla Friede about the evolution of B2B payments.

Q&A: How Women Can Get Ahead in Fintech

Karla Friede joins Digtal Journal for an interview about her experiences as a female leader in the financial technology sector.

Bloomberg Businessweek: GM and Honda 'Cruise'

Karla Friede joins the Bloomberg Businessweek podcast to answer questions about B2B payment automation, and how modern technology streamlines accounts payable departments.

Leveraging Data Analytics in Decision Making

Nvoicepay's CFO John Ewert speaks with Forbes about how our strategic payment solution enables customers to focus on more strategic decisions.

DisrupTV Episode 113

Karla Friede, Nvoicepay's CEO, shares expertise and insight as a fintech leader on this week's episode of DisrupTV.

10 Entrepreneurs Behind Finance Companies Share What They Think About Money

'It's not how much money you make that's important, it's how much you save.' Nvoicepay CEO Karla Friede shares money management advice in this Entrepreneur interview.

Nvoicepay: One Woman's Idea Pays Off

In the predominantly male world of fintech, Karla Friede has seen massive growth as CEO of a B2B payment automation company. She shares her advice with Ivanhoe Web in this interview.

Fintech: Businesses Process Billions Through Nvoicepay

Karla Friede sits down with Nathan Latka to discuss how Nvoicepay came into existence, future goals for the company, and how she set up Nvoicepay for success.

Karla Friede: She's Showin' You the Money

'Get out and pitch!' Karla Friede sits down with On The Dot Woman to discuss Nvoicepay's ePayment solution and earning funding for a fintech business.

EBN@C-Level: Finance Technology Eases Supply Chain Pain Points

Learn the latest in payment automation fintech from Nvoicepay's CEO and co-founder, Karla Friede, in this interview with EBN Online.

In B-to-B Payments, Nvoicepay Shifts the Focus to Communication

Karla Friede, CEO of Nvoicepay, explains how to use payment automation to improve vendor relationships.

Female Fintech Founder on Series F and the Future of Payments

Karla Friede talks venture capital funding and payment technology in an interview with Forbes.

AP Automation: Streamline the Business Process Safely and Securely

Nvoicepay's CEO Karla Friede shares her expertise on the AP automation industry during a Q&A with Business Solutions.

Focus All Your Energy on the Customer, and You Will Be Successful

Karla Friede discusses how a focus on Nvoicepay's customers has helped make the payment company successful.

Cloud-based Payment Automation for B2B Merchants

Karla Friede is interviewed by the Green Sheet about the benefits of automating supplier payments with Nvoicepay.

4 Women Founders on What They Learned From Building a Business

Karla Friede, Lisa Skeete Tatum, Namrata Ganatra, and Kelly McNelis share the greatest lesson they learned from building their companies as female founders.

Q&A With Karla Friede, Co-Founder and CEO of Nvoicepay

Karla Friede discusses with Let's Talk Payments the innovation in Nvoicepay's solution, including the visibility and rate transparency of its AP Global.

It Pays to Understand Cryptocurrency

CMSWire invites Karla Friede of Nvoicepay to share insight on the uses of cryptocurrency and its importance in the payment industry.